E-Competition for the Best Tourist Information Center in Poland-we invite you

Lubuskie Regional Tourist Organization "LOTUR" announces recruitment for the regional edition of the 19th competition of the Polish Tourist Organization for the Best Tourist Product. The winners will receive the LUBUSKIE TURISTIC PERALS , and the winners of the central edition will receive prestigious PTO Certificates and valuable promotional support.

The Polish Tourist Organization, together with the Regional Tourist Organizations, has been implementing the competition for the Best Tourist Product for many years. Its aim is to increase the quality and competitiveness of the tourist offer by creating products that are not only distinguished by their tourist attractiveness, but are also innovative, tourist-friendly and offer many opportunities to spend free time.

In the regional edition, traditionally the winners receive Lubuskie Tourism Pearls and are nominated for the central edition. In the central edition, one can receive a PTO Certificate. 

Certificates of the Polish Tourist Organization are the most important award in the industry. It is a recommendation and a guarantee of services at the highest level. It raises the rank of a tourist product, strengthens its position in offers to customers, thanks to which the brand of a given product becomes recognizable throughout the country and even abroad.

PTO certificates are awarded to tourist products that belong to one of the following categories: cyclical event, package of tourist services - tourist event, object, trail, place - area. Tourist products entered in the competition compete for several types of Certificates. The most prestigious one, whose selection arouses the most emotions, is the Gold Certificate. It can be awarded to a tourist product for the exceptional development of its activities, not earlier than three years after receiving the PTO Certificate. Last year it was awarded to the Hydropolis Center for Ecological Education in Wroclaw. The competition committee also awards the Special Certificate to a product that has been on the market for a relatively short time, less than two years, but has great potential.

- Prestige, confirmation of quality and promotion of exceptional places - PTO Certificates are considered the most important award in the industry not without reason. I encourage you to apply for this award, because, as the examples of the winners of previous editions perfectly show, it is a huge support in the development of destinations and the tourist offer of our country," admitted PTO President Rafał Szmytke.

All certified tourism products will be included in the promotional program of the Polish Tourist Organization. The award for the winner of the PTO Gold Certificate is a promotional campaign worth 200 thousand zlotys.

Stages of the competition:

  1. Stage I - regional: 07.07.2022 to 07.09.2022

(Deadline for the PTO to accept applications from ROTs online - 16.09.2022).

  1. Stage II - nationwide: 19.09. - 27.10.2022 r.
  2. Certificate Award Ceremony: November/December 2022 (stationary or online depending on the current pandemic situation).

The above dates are subject to change in justified cases.

We invite you to participate in the competition! https://konkurs.pot.gov.pl/konkurs

The public task is co-financed from the funds received from the Marshal's Office of the Lubuskie Voivodeship