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The very name of the village Letnica is associated with summer recreation. Its picturesque location, between the Odra and Bóbr rivers, full of hills and hillocks surrounded by a huge forest complex, makes the farm a very attractive place for summer holidays. The farm is adjacent to the forest wall on one side and to the old palace park on the other. The huge forest complex is connected with Rzepin Forest, it is partitioned from one side with Odra River and from the other closed by Bóbr River. In the distance of 5 km there are: a place where you can go fishing, a military museum, a museum of Środkowe Nadodrze, an open-air museum, a horse riding center, forests full of mushrooms and game. All this makes the farm a very attractive place to spend summer vacations or leisure time. The area is 5 ha of which 3 ha is a cherry orchard, and on the remaining 2 ha there is a house with the whole recreational infrastructure, which includes: • 100 m2 swimming pool with crystal water 1.5 m deep! • barbecue • volleyball court • ping-pong room. Attractions that await on site: swimming in the pool, autumn forests full of mushrooms, horseback rides in the horseback riding center located 8 km away, a trip to Zielona Góra full of small cafes, discos, a beautiful promenade encouraging evening walks, roasting a pig, boar, goat, name-day parties, birthday parties, bonfire with sausage roasting.

Suggested prices in July-August 2020: accommodation 40 PLN/person/day (board: 65 PLN including: breakfast 20 PLN, dinner 25 PLN, supper 20 PLN)


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Address: Letnica 1A, 66-008 Świdnica 
Booking phone number: + 48 606 649 604
Facebook profile: www.facebook.com/agroletnica/

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The public task is co-financed from the funds received from the Marshal's Office of the Lubuskie Voivodeship