Lubuskie Tourist Pearls -distributed

Lubuska Perła Turystyczna is the most important industry award in the Lubuskie region

The certificates of the Polish Tourist Organization are the most important award in the industry. It is a recommendation and a guarantee of services at the highest level. It raises the rank of the tourist product, strengthens its position in offers to customers
The purpose of the competition is to increase the quality and competitiveness of the tourist offer by creating products that are not only distinguished by their tourist attractiveness, but are also innovative and tourist-friendly. Each year, the competition's chapter pays special attention to the accessibility of the tourist product and the use of modern technologies and innovations in its development.

During the VII Lubuskie Tourist Sejmik, the Competition for the Best Tourist Product for the Lubuskie Tourist Pearl, which was organized in the Lubuskie region by the Lubuskie Regional Tourist Organization "LOTUR", was summed up.

The results of the competition were announced by the President of LOTUR Jadwiga Błoch , the awarded were the Lubuska Tourist Pearl

1.MRU - underground tourist route in Pniewo - 531pts.
2.Vinobranie with WinoBusami -504pts.
3.Celebration of the Manor Park in Ilowa- 455pts.
4.Tourist information Visit Nowa Sol -453pts.
5.Lubuskie Lato Kulturalne - 451pkt.
6.Recreation Complex Dąbie - 442pts.
7.Bachusikowy Trail- 434pts.
8.Tournament of Knights for the Ring of Princess Jadwiga of Silesia- 406pts.
9.Kostrzyn Pompeii-Stare Town Kostrzyn - 402pts.
10.Canoeing on the Pliszka River with - 392pts.
11.Military Picnic - 381pts.

The three best were nominated for the Central edition
Results of the Competition for the Best Tourist Product in the category Special Certificate

" Special Lubuska Tourist Pearl 2022".
1.Park Książęcy Zatonie - 489pts.

2.Geopark Muskauer Arc Geopark Center in Łęknica 487 points.

The Lubusian Chapter also nominated " MRU - underground tourist route in Pniewo" for the Internauts Certificate.

We will know the results from the Headquarters soon :)

The statuettes were funded by :
Marshall of the Lubuskie Voivodeship
Euroregion Spree -Nysa-Bobr
Regional Directorate of State Forests in Zielona Góra
Lubuskie Regional Tourist Organization "LOTUR".


The public task is co-financed from the funds received from the Marshal's Office of the Lubuskie Voivodeship