New Members in Lubuskie Regional Tourism Organization

By decision of the Board of Directors of the Lubuskie Regional Tourist Organization "LOTUR", Camy Bogdan Kasperski" Anielskie Ogrody" from Budachowo was accepted as our member.

"Angel Gardens" is an organic farm with a home garden.   From the garden organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers go straight to the angel's kitchen.

Ecology and permaculture

 Ecology is implemented based on biodiversity and permaculture elements. Various cultivation techniques are used, especially "no dig," i.e. without digging up the soil, and various mulching methods. For example, vegetables are grown on permaculture hills and dikes, in raised and sunken beds. The owners are concerned with methods of obtaining plenty of humus in the soil and building a rich soil profile.

Eco-education, workshops and training in the garden

Mr. and Mrs. Kasperski show how to grow a garden with respect for nature and for the benefit of man. They educate with concrete, practical examples. Healthy soil - healthy food - healthy people. They inspire people who want to grow their own gardens in a similar way.

Congratulations to new members :) we invite you to cooperate . We encourage local governments, hotels, agritourism farms , enterprises operating in the tourism industry join our organization WARTO , in quantity strength, together we will do more for the development and promotion of tourism in our beautiful province.

The public task is co-financed from the funds received from the Marshal's Office of the Lubuskie Voivodeship