PUPH MARTINEZ Ewa Skonieczek


Hotel and catering services, canoe trips

Martinez is a family business, associated with Lubrza since its inception. We started modestly, selling wicker products. Thirty years ago we were only present in the local market. The strength and heart we put into each basket weaved allowed us over time to become a recognized brand, both at home and abroad. It is this path that has allowed us to expand our business to include tourism and recreational services. Since 2003 we have been engaged in organizing some of the most popular canoeing trips in the region. Added to this is a grand, beautifully located holiday resort. And more recently, a fantastic amusement park. Martinez's comprehensive offer allows you to take a break from everyday life in many ways. We have something for both lovers of active recreation and blissful laziness. Plenty of moments full of smiles and joyful fun will be found here for children along with their caregivers and loved ones, whether on summer camps and green schools or family stays.

P.U.P.H. MARTINEZ Ewa Skonieczek

66-218 LUBRZA,





tel. +48 68 381 30 97


The public task is co-financed from the funds received from the Marshal's Office of the Lubuskie Voivodeship