XX Bird Republic Citizens Rally on July 31, 2021.

The Society of Friends of Slonsk "Unitis Viribus" cordially invites you to the 20th Rally of Citizens of the
Republic of Birds on July 31, 2021r.
The date is unusual, as we could not meet in April. We hope that this
time will be successful. The lectures will be in the air-conditioned village hall on Park Street, which is where the
where in previous years. We no longer have to fear the heat and limit the number of
Program of the Rally:
7.00-10.00 a.m. - Walking tours with guides to the "Mouth of the Warta River" National Park and to
one of the bird trails (the place of excursions depends on the prevailing conditions):
- assembly at 7:00 am at the village community center, 2 Parkowa St.
- participants must drive themselves to the beginning of the tour route
- information about the routes will be posted on the TPS website and FB no later than a week before the
10.00 and 11.00 -Tour of the new Museum-Education Center of the NSAU in two groups
12.00 -Registration of the Rally participants
from 12.30
- decoupage workshops
- Election of the Bird of the Year 2022
"This and that about the marsh eagle owl anew". - Romuald Mikusek from the Polish Society for the
Society for the Protection of Birds
"Mitigating the effects of climate catastrophe - stop water in the landscape, or a few
words on natural retention" - Marta Majka Wisniewska, coordinator of the project "Citizens
for Water" Greenmind Foundation
"Birds are everywhere or notes of an urban observer". - Stanisław Łubieński - Wild Ochota
"Protecting birds from collisions with transparent surfaces". - Slawomir
Niedźwiecki, Glass Traps Foundation
Presentation of a video of John Calladine's lecture from a conference organized by BTO Scotland
on telemetry studies of the marsh earwig in Scotland.
Participation in the Rally is paid, the entry fee (50 PLN - adult, 20 PLN - child/student) should be
pay necessarily to the account: 29 8355 0009 0035 0411 2000 0001.
As part of the entry fee, each participant will receive a magnet with an image of a mud-eared owl,
a commemorative bag, refreshments and will be able to participate in lectures in the village hall,
tour and visit to the museum.
Applications are accepted by email to tps@tps-unitisviribus.org.pl  until July 26 this year.
In the application, please write whether anyone plans to participate in the guided tour
and in the museum tour.
All those who will not participate in the rally will be able to watch videos of the presentations on
Patrons of the rally are Salamandra Nature Magazine, Ptaki Polski magazine,
Birdwaching.pl. The rally is co-financed by the Municipality of Słońsk

The public task is co-financed from the funds received from the Marshal's Office of the Lubuskie Voivodeship