TIME FOR LUBUSZ REGION – From wine culture to body culture and balance Mierzęcin Palace


Mierzęcin Palace has developed a high culture of treatments affecting body condition and regeneration. Thanks to the highly developed processes of vineyard development, for a dozen or so years the guests of the Palace have been able to use Grape Spa, i.e. a "beauty" and regeneration centre belonging to Mierzęcin Palace. What distinguishes Grape Spa from others is wine therapy and proprietary treatments based on recipes created with the use of ingredients from the vineyard. It is very rare on the map of Poland to find a place which builds its quality and uniqueness in such a consistent manner, understood as a combination and influence of the infrastructure areas it develops.

Slow food as a foretaste of slow life

For many years now, various areas of gastronomy have been attracting more and more interest and insight from people seeking quality experiences from the culinary facilities. The eating habits of our guests are changing significantly and, consequently, the team and facilities of Mierzęcin Palace are developing. Depending on the time of year, each Hotel guest can choose from the menu of either the Palace Restaurant or the Distillery. That means: two cuisines of stimulating quality supervised by a highly regarded chef. What you can "meet" on your plate is colour, health and the highest quality of products, served with culture and openness to the needs of our guests. An additional distinctive feature of Mierzęcin Palace are the excellent products from the pantry. Currently, the leading proprietary product is leek oil and raspberry honey. This tandem with wine is available only at Mierzęcin Palace.

Nature, recreation, deep, soothing breath

The concept of slow life becomes increasingly ingrained in the mentality of Polish people. While many of us still try to define the term on our own and in accordance with our lifestyle, it is noticeable that the core of thinking about a balanced life is time spent on sports, recreation and surrounded by nature. The infrastructure of Mierzęcin Palace, surrounded by the Notecka River, lakes, forests, glades and meadows, clearly satisfies even the deepest desire of being surrounded by nature. If it comes to active leisure aspect, each of our guests can take advantage of facilities on offer, i.e. horseback riding (Mierzęcin Palace has its own stable), cross-country and Nordic walking routes, tennis courts, canoeing and many more. All this to make our guests feel special.

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The public task is co-financed from the funds received from the Marshal's Office of the Lubuskie Voivodeship